Learn basics of SEO
Why I talking about SEO when a lot of SEO information available in internet. This question come before talking about SEO.
While I optimizine my blog  according to SEO guideline, come through a lot of information. So, keep it simple I started making notes about SEO. I still newbie in SEO and in learning phase of SEO, so talking about basic of SEO.

First question come
Why do we need SEO? or What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) help to find your website using Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Due to SEO, your website traffic improve search engine ranking which attracts more online business to your website.

But how SEO works?

SEO is different than normal software programming where  developer design, develop, debug, test and deploy.

 Then what is SEO?

Actually, SEO is a website fine tuning activity which involves analysis and verification of web pages

To become a good SEO, You must know how search engine indexer works?

In most case this is problem. Currently Google, Bing and Yahoo have indexing services.

To know it better with Indexing Search Engine has three main software components: Crawler, Indexer and Search Page.

What is Crawler?
Crawler  is a software program which finds new web pages and obtains text, URL and other searchable information from it.
Using URLs on page, the crawler finds even more web pages.

What is Indexer?
The crawler supplies page link, text and URLs to the Indexer.
Indexer appliers algorithms( or search standards) on this data to create a database of words and word pairs to page link.

Search Pages
Search page is where people could search indexed information and find relevant web pages

How to learn SEO? or What is basic requirement for SEO?

SEO is a process to verify website pages against search standards.
But there is no search standards but tips and tricks to improve the quality of searchable contents and site ranking

  1.  XHTML1.0 and CSS Validation
  2. Download Time Optimization
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Meta Tags
  5. Title
  6. Page Contents
  7. Image alt Attribute
  8. Search Engine Friendly Links aka URL rewriting
  9. XHTML & CSS Validation
  10. Cleaner pages result in better ranking and shorter loading time.

Check your web pages for XHTML compliance and for CSS compliance at W3C website.

Download Time Optimization (Page Loading)
If your web pages takes long time to download means Page loading time after user requested URL then people will close the browser before it completely loads.
As search engine keeps an eye and ranks of pages that have higher traffic. Here SEO comes to rescue for your website. Apply Search Engine Optimization technique to improve your website download times.

Don’t embed JavaScript in the web pages. Move all JavaScript in separated .js file and provide link in page.
also do same for CSS  style; don’t embed in web page. move all css style in a separate file .CSS
Avoid using larger Image file which takes time to download during page load. Try using .png file if possible.
  Keyword Research
If your website uses keywords that people use to search in Google, Bing or Yahoo, chances are, your site will appear in the first place or in top 5. Keyword
research is a three step process:

  1. Understanding business behind website
  2. Knowing Search Trends (or what people are searching for)
  3. Keyword tools (to build keyword list)
  4. Understanding Business behind Website
  5. For keyword research, it is important to find out the purpose of website or more appropriately the business behind the website.

Meta Tags
<meta> Keywords
All your keyword research effort is to create a <meta> keyword tag as shown below:
<meta name=”keywords” content=”mithilesh joshi,SEO, keyword, Crawler, Indexing, Google, Bing, yahoo  ” />

<meta> description
Create a <meta> description tag as shown below.
Search engines have keywords and description limits and truncate characters after certain length.
Character with spacing limit varies with time/engine from 100-300 characters. As this description appears in Search Engine Result Page (SERP), so it should clearly tell the purpose of web page.

<meta name=”description” content=”Mithilesh Joshi is a blogging website where you can get more information on Technology, SEO, Money making, programming, Database etc” />

With correct keyword selection, chances are that people will click to navigate your website.
I said chances, because click through depends on the quality of web page title and its description that appears in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
At times, people do not click first or second site in SERP because of poor title and description.
Provide a title that uses keywords as shown below:

<title>SEO, keyword, Crawler, Indexing, Google, Bing, yahoo | sparkling talk:Rishi Sanuj</title>

Page Contents
Page contents should use keywords in <h1>, <h2> and text.
This will make page “relevant” to title, keywords and description and will result in better search engine ranking.
Following are the key areas where keywords matters:
Page URL. e.g.
Page Title e.g. SEO, keyword, Crawler, Indexing, Google, Bing, yahoo | mithilesh joshi

Meta tags keywords and description
<h1>, <h2> and contents
Image alt attribute

Image alt Attribute

Make sure to specify <img> tag  alt attribute that uses “keywords”. Consider following <img> tags for an SEO consultancy:

<img src=”seo-sparkling.png” alt=”seo & website consultants”/> is more searchable and relevant to a SEO consultancy as compared to <img src=”st.jpg”

alt=”image st.jpg”/> or <img src=”st.jpg”/>.

Search Engine Friendly Links

Learn-basics-of-SEO is more searchable as compared to hp.aspx?d=1345 or .html.

Conclusion: To get traffic to your website it is must optimize your website


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