We know that MS Dhoni is the quickest Indian runner with the pads between the wickets. Luckily for India, it was he who was running frantically towards the LED stumps in the final delivery. He has this unique way of running – a sort of jagged dash, heaving his body from one side to another, the feet springing off the toes, and there he was rushing across with an outstretched right hand. He didn’t want to throw with the gloves on and he didn’t have the luxury of time to take it off. Mustafizur Rahman was in a mad dash of his own from the other end. A footballer while growing up, he used to sprint on paddy fields near his home with the ball on his toes. Both men were running towards each other.

It was another Dhoni mad scramble that had perhaps led to this state in the first place. Not really, but hey, don’t let facts get in way of some romance. It was the final delivery of India’s innings, and Dhoni had hit the ball to long-on and wanted two.

For some reason, not surprisingly as he has done it in the past too, R Ashwin didn’t want the second run, and even put his hand up. Dhoni was coming anyway, and Ashwin eventually decided to get across. The throw should have been at the non-striker’s end at Ashwin but for some inexplicable reason it was directed at Dhoni, who of course made it. That gave India one run, which proved the difference between a win and a super over.


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Mithilesh Joshi